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Englicom (also known as ELC) is one of the oldest and largest student organizations in De La Salle University and the only organization that caters to Filipino-Chinese students. It was established 50 years ago in the interest of bringing Filipino and Filipino-Chinese students together through socio-civic activities, such as the recently implemented ENGLICOM Scholarship Program (ESP). The organization is currently grouped under the Council of Student Organization's (CSO) Alliance of SPIN (Special Interest Groups) - SCORE (Socio-civic Organizations), together with nine other organizations.


Appreciation of both cultures
Unity and integration
Dedicated service and nation-building
Personal growth and self-development
Training, social interaction and exchange, and socio-civic involvement
Christian Achievers for God and country
Religio Mores et Cultura


To continually work in awakening the Tsinoy consciousness, instilling a sense of Tsinoy identity, unity in spirit, compassion, and social awareness through long-term development and nation-building.

In 1964, a group of young gentlemen formed Amity Associates with the aim of promoting camaraderie and friendship among the Chinese students. The motto of the association was signified in its name Amity, in French (Amistie), meaning friendship and goodwill characterized by mutual acceptance and toleration of potential antagonistic standpoints or aims.

Four years later, in 1968, as a result of the expanding number of students with Chinese descent as well as conflicting schedules of the four different year levels, Goliards was formed. the term "goliard" means a wandering student of the 12th or 13th century given to writings of satiric Latin verse and to convivial living and minstrelsy. During this time, two Chinese organizations existed- Amity Associations which is headed by the seniors and juniors, and the Goliards which was mainly steered by the freshmen and sophomores. Both organizations were formed primarily for the Chinese students to gather together and be socially involved.

In 1969, the names Amity Association and Goliards were merged into one united organization called ENGLICOM. The new name was thought of to represent the whole membership of the association - ENG, to represent the students form the College of Engineering; LI, to represent the students from the College of Liberal Arts; COM, to represent the students from the College of Commerce. With this new name , it was hoped that the members will be consolidated and unified as a group and not as individuals.

The name ENGLICOM has been retained until the present but the character of the organization has evolved through the years. No longer exclusively for the Chinese, ENGLICOM has opened its doors to Filipino and Chinese students alike with the aim of encouraging an appreciation for both Filipino and Chinese cultures.

Hall of Fame

AY 2012-2013

Outstanding Spin-Score Organization
Outstanding Socio-Civic Activity Finalist - Englicom Scholarship Program
Outstanding Secretary - Lenard Chua
Outstanding Treasurer - Lenard Chua
Outstanding Assistant Vice President Finalist - Patricia Lee
Outstanding Organizational Leader in Discipline Advocacy Finalist - Kevin Chua

AY 2011-2012

Outstanding Spin-Score Organization Finalist
Outstanding Socio Civic Activity - Englicom Scholarship Program
Outstanding Publication Finalist - theELCfire
Outstanding Long Term Activity Finalist - Englicom Scholarship Program

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Current Executive Council (AY 2015-2016)

President, Kimi Barra
EVP - Internals, Paige Dy
EVP - Externals, Sean Andrade
VP - Alliance, Adryan Brito
VP - Civics, Elaine Sadang
VP - Documentations, Nichelle Hung
VP - Finance, Mikee Chan
VP - Membership, Kenrick Gan
VP - Creatives, Sherry Yao
VP - Socials and Cultural, Kathleen Lim
VP - Training and Development, Kevin Ngo

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